Coming out of school in 2010, I found out about a new technology (solar/Renewable), that just started making waves in my country, I became very interested, I needed to know everything possible about it, there was no much knowledge of it in circulation, it was known by a few companies who were employing skilled and talented people in this field, I was so interested in being one of the talented few in this new field and the only avaliable place I could get schooled was the internet, oh yes, the internet became my new school, it informed me, oreinted me and broadened my knowledge.

 I continued on my research and study on the internet, until 2015, when I got a job as a field engineer with a telecom servicing company providing energy services for telecommunication base towers across the thirty-six (36) states and capital in Nigeria. I was deployed to a department with other team members, and our responsibility was to install off-grid solar plants in clusters of 3, 6, 9, and 12Kw respectively on base stations across different states in Nigeria. It was there I first got a hand-on experience on solar plants as a field support engineer.

My quest continued, I was interested in knowing more, theoritically and practically, locally and globally, so I continued with my school on the internet.

              In no time, I became part of a highly skilled team, building over 310 decentralized solar plant (4mw) that supports major telecommunication base stations in Nigeria. As a free writer, I have written several articles on this subject on LinkedIn and I have also attended lots of local seminar and trainings.

All these knowledges acquired over the years, I have put together in this book A-Z solar.

 The A-Z solar book is a practical guide book, with eighteen-chapter and 300 pages. It has been deliberatly written in simple and less technical way, in other to give the reader a thorough grasp and understanding of solar energy irrespective of your background


  • Interns and students of engineering
  • Graduates
  • Engineers
  • Energy professionals
  • Other professionals
  • Local and International Investors
  • Human Resources professionals
  • Government officials and Policy makers
  • End users of solar products and services who wants to know more about solar.

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