Here is an overview of what you will learn in the A-Z Solar book

Interns and students of engineering & science

Interns, students of engineering will learn about:

  • Solar PV systems
  • Solar design and Installations
  • Solar PV energy storage system
  • PV sizing and load profiling
  • Solar PV energy questions and answers
  • Free solar design softwares and tools
  • Mini-grid solar systems


Graduates will learn about:

  • Renewable energy training opportunities
  • Solar PV design softwares
  • Solar Jobs
  • Solar and Renewable energy questions and answers that can be asked during interviews
  • Renewable energy trainings and opportunities
  • Solar PV energy Plant basics
  • Off-Grid Solar panels
  • Energy Storage systems


Engineers will learn about:

  • Solar PV power plant detailed project report
  • Off-grid solar systems
  • Mini-grid Solar Hybrid designs
  • Mini-Grid designs manual
  • Mini-Grid vs Micro-Grid
  • Solar design softwares and tools
  • Solar PV power formula
  • Mini-grid electrification

Energy Professionals

Energy professional will learn:

  • Off-grid solar power systems
  • Mini-Grid for Rural Electrification
  • Mini-Grid Developers
  • Solar PV power plant feasibility studies
  • Mini-grid solar power systems

Other Professionals

Industry professionals will learn:

  • Renewable energy business opportunities in Nigeria
  • Identify value chain within the solar and renewable energy industry
  • Renewable energy Laws in Nigeria
  • Mini-Grid Business model
  • Solar PV Power plant installation guide
  • Off-grid solar power systems
  • Solar PV energy solutions

Local and International Investors

Investors with in interest in the Green energy economy will learn: 

  • Solar PV Power Purchase Agreement
  • Mini-Grid tenders
  • Mini-Grid Market size in Nigeria
  • Mini-Grid Companies in Nigeria
  • Mini-Grid Regulations in Nigeria
  • The NERC mini-grid regulations in Nigeria PDF
  • Mini-Grid trainings
  • Solar and Renewable energy companies in Nigeria

Human Resources professionals

Human resource managers will learn:

  • Solar job opportunities
  • Solar and Renewable energy questions and answers that can be asked during interviews
  • Renewable energy training opportunities
  • Solar energy training companies in Nigeria


Government officials and Policy makers

  • Challenges of Solar companies and Startups in Nigeria

End users of solar products and services who wants to know more about solar

End users will learn:

  • Solar trainings DIY
  • Questions to ask before installing solar
  • Renewable energy business ideas
  • Solar energy PV technology



Understanding Basic Electricity

  • Basic electricity terminologies
  • Basic formulas for designs
  • Areas of Applications of Solar Energy


Understanding load profiling

  • Load profiling basic
  • Energy audit
  • Load profiling design
  • Load curve analysis and interpretation
  • How to determine the rating of your panel even with meter


Understanding photovoltaics Cells

  • Types of PVs
  • Interpreting PV nameplate ratings and other values
  • PV sizing and selection
  • Benefits of off-grid solar energy solutions
  • Clean energy
  • Features of a Solar panels
  • Bus bar


Understanding PV inverters

  • Factors to be considered when sizing a PV system
  • Understanding Inverters
  • Interpreting Inverters nameplate ratings and other values
  • Types of inverters
  • Inverter sizing
  • Oversizing of inverters
  • Under-sizing of inverters
  • How many panels can be connected to an inverter?
  • Understanding basic inverter parameters
  • Inverter selection criteria
  • Terminating charge controllers
  • Major inverter brands
  • Exploring Flotovoltaics

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